Her Boxpack

Dawn crept silently from behind the hills, gently kissing Midori awake.
She stuck her tongue out at the sun and buried her head under Nara.
The morning breeze ruffled her hair whispering, "Wake up".
"Aaahh five minutes more" Midori yawned,
but Nara gave her a wet lick and stretched out her legs,
her claws gleaming in the morning rays.
Midori sulkily opened her drowsy eyes, squinting and trying to remember her dream.
But unlike any other, this one felt like a memory almost forgotten.
She could hear the echoes of her mother’s laugh, every morning as the sun rose,
The smell of warm cookies on the wood-stove still lingered on the tip of her nose.
Midori never could remember why her mother had to leave.
"The forest will look after you" she had told little Midori,
"Listen to Nara, do not cross the waters and of the sly foxes do be wary".
Those words and the tiny wooden box she toted around,
made up the few memories Midori had of her mother.
She jumped up and ran to her bindle and dug out the butterfly clasped box.
Midori gave it a hug, feeling its warmth. Listening to it buzz and hum.
It was almost as if the box was alive; in a way it was, there was magic in it.
She blew on the wings of the butterfly, watching as the gold lines came alive.
Rubbing it softly, she could feel the silken wings tremble under her fingers as they grew warmer.
Waking up from its slumber; the butterfly flittered around Midori, coming to rest on her shoulder.
Now unlocked; the box clicked open.
As Midori lifted the lid, a sweet vanilla scent floated out, enveloping her in its comforting warmth.
It always took her back, back to a place she yearned to be, even if only for a moment.
Midori peeked into her little box of precious possessions.
Her collection of little charmed trinkets and enchanted treasures,
some were things her mother had given to her,
others found in her many whimsical adventures.
Each one with its own story, suspended in magical mystery.
Blowing away the dust of nostalgia, Midori gently shut the lid.
The golden veined butterfly glided down to the lock,
like a silent fairie guardian of Midori’s box.