Covetable Curiosities

The river; a flowing blanket of turquoise translucence, languid and calm;
like broad brushstrokes of a lazy painter on a Sunday afternoon.
“Nara, where do you think it comes from? And, where does it go?”
Ripples crashed gently on the rocky banks, the water sweeping over Midori’s toes.
A wisp of white foam broke away and floated up to the sky.
She wondered to herself if someday it would become a cloud.
And as the little ball of bubbles drifted by, with it so did Midori.
Remembering watching the sun set with her mother,
they had stood together on the banks with the waves breaking over their feet.
She could almost feel the warmth of her mother's hand holding her own,
when suddenly;


Nara perked up and ran to the edge of water, careful not to wet her pudgy, pink paws.
Midori crouched and held her breath, looking out over the rippling water.
"Nara, is it a Coy fish??!!" she whispered as loudly as she could, hoping it was one.
Midori had never seen it, though she had caught glimpses of the shy creature.
So translucent; the sun shined right through it,
leaving a trail of shimmering golden specs where ever it swam.
At nights, reflecting the soft light, it would look like a shiny silver sliver of the moon.
Midori and Nara silently waited,
but being as demure and shy as it was,
the Coy fish would never let itself be seen.

To be continued.