Candle Holder

Rs. 1,000

Rustic, vintage yet timeless, this hand sculpted candle holder features a round base for picking up any dripping wax and a round handle for added dimension. Made in stoneware and glazed in bayleaf. A versatile warm brown-olive green inspired by the earthy flavours of dried spice. Subtle hints of brown bring an organic quality to this warm green hue. 

Handmade in India
Sold as singles. Candle not included. 

Every piece features our naked clay body; an ode to the earth's natural elements. Each piece is handmade and one of a kind. Every fold of clay, every mark that's left behind is an imprint of the hands that created it. Glaze colours might vary slightly from the image.

Our clays and glazes are formulated out of completely non-toxic and food safe materials. We then form and fire all of our products above 1200 degrees celsius.

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