Artist's Capsule

Rs. 4,500

A curated set of:

Traditional Japanese Watercolour Gansai 
A set of eight Gansai paints ranging from soft dreamy pastels to radiant luminous neons. A scherzo of colour from a balmy yuzu lemon, wisteria tinged clouds to a radioactive neon orange. A custom palette of intensely vibrant hues handpicked to add to or mix with your existing paints. They are semi-opaque and can be built up or washed down.
. Yuzu Lemon
. Midori Green
. Glacier Blue
. Wisteria 
. Smalt 
. Graphite 
. Radioactive Orange
. Flamingo Pink
Made in Japan

Paint Mixing Palette + Dipping Bowl 
A ceramic tray/slab with raised walls for mixing your paints and a small ceramic dipping bowl with a brush rest to hold some water or mix washes. Each piece is handmade and glazed individually by the artist Roshni Merchant, slight variations should be embraced. 
Mixing Palette: 11cm x 12.5cm x 1cm (approximately)
Dipping Bowl: 8cm x 4cm (approximately)

Colour Cards
Swatches and colour combinations to help understand the relation and interaction of colour. Colours present themselves in a continuous flux, constantly relating to changing neighbours and conditions, influencing perception both visually and emotionally. (They are printed in CMYK and act as a visual guide, not a true representation of the paints)

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