Single Paint Pans (Set of 4)

Rs. 1,300

Porcelain single pans to mix/make/store your pigments in. A plastic free and beautiful alternative to hold your favourite hues. These adorable little porcelain pans can be used for squeezing out a tube of paint or making your own; holding watercolour tints/washes or dry pigments. You can use any type of paint and it washes away stain free. They come in a set of 4. 

They are handmade in porcelain - known for its whiteness compared to stoneware. They are high fired for strength and durability. Because it is made from porcelain, it is easy to clean, will not stain and will keep your paints wet for longer than a plastic palette; providing a longer period for wet mixing. They are very sturdy and designed for years of consistent use. (Prone to breaking if dropped)

Each palette is handmade and glazed individually by the artist Roshni Merchant. Every mark that's left behind is an imprint of the hands that created it; slight variations should be embraced.

‘The best tools last a lifetime – or even several…’

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